Public House 28

About us

NOW OPEN, in the Westside Atlanta neighborhood of Riverside, is a new pub and eatery dubbed Public House 28. Just Pub 28 for short, the name comes from Atlanta Fire Station 28 which has been a hub of the community since 1954. The station called “The Pride Of Riverside” was an inspiration since it services with pride not only Riverside but surrounding neighborhoods such as Whittier Mill, Bolton and Hills Park.

Public House 28 aims to be a center of the community, provide quality food and drink, and establish a gathering spot for everyone in the area. Public House 28 is a full service family friendly dining establishment open for lunch and dinner. It has a full bar featuring local craft brews and custom drinks designed for simplicity and quality.

The goal for Public House 28 is not to recreate the wheel. The 'public house' or 'pub' has been a neighborhood tradition for over a thousand years for good reason. Public House 28 is a spot where you can bring your whole family for dinner or lunch any day of the week or just meet with your adult neighbors to unwind from the day.

The owners are local businessman, Don Hammond, along with local restaurateurs Tim Lannon and Claude Rousell who opened Big Easy Grille in Underwood Hills in 2001 and Westside Pizzeria on Marietta 2004. Together with over 50 years of restaurant experience they take pride in providing a great experience to the surrounding neighborhoods.